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Metro Taxi Offers 3 Convenient Ways to Book Your Taxi Online

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Introducing web-booking...the ability to schedule one of Metro Taxi's 161 taxicabs online.

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We're Connecticut’s first taxicab company to respond to popular demand cell phone trends with on-demand cab service by using customized mobile software that is facilitated by Metro Taxi's Global Positioning System (GPS).
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Newest App Features

  • You can now locate a driver in your area
  • Track your cab as it arrives to your pickup location
  • You can pay your fare directly from your smartphone

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Why Metro Taxi Is Rated "Best!"

  • Metro Taxi has a values-based leadership ethic. We are business leaders and community contributors.
  • Metro Taxi is Connecticut’s most technologically-advanced, reliable, full-service taxi company.
  • Metro Taxi's same-digit phone numbers make it easy for customers to contact us whenever they need transportation: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Metro Taxi's computer dispatch system uses GPS tracking, minimizing customer wait-times.
  • Metro Taxi's Customer Service Department features a state-of-the-art telecommunications system to enhance communication between customers, service reps and drivers.
  • Metro Taxi routinely checks weather and traffic conditions to inform our drivers of the safest and most direct routes.
  • Metro Taxi is Connecticut’s first taxi company to use in-vehicle security cameras for passenger and driver safety.
  • Metro Taxi operates wheelchair-accessible cabs to provide equal transportation access for all.
  • Metro Taxi offers a suite of charge and debit cards for any transportation need or lifestyle to provide cash-less cab rides.
  • Metro Taxi operates clean-burning Compressed Natural Gas taxis.
  • Metro Taxi is a Public Access CNG provider, we have our own fueling station.